Sony Vegas 8.0

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Sony Vegas 8.0

Post  Callboii on Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:12 pm


1. Go to and download the file.

2. Once you complete this, advance through the procedures of finishing the installation.

3. Download the keygen at

4. Go to the file that the keygen was downloaded into, right click the keygen, and click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, if you do not have this option, make sure you are logged on to a Admin account. Your computer will not be able to verify the publisher, that is perfectly normal, click continue. Note: DO NOT have Vegas 8 Pro open while you do this, or you will get a error messege on this next step.

5. Once in the keygen, go to PRODUCT NAME and click the down arrow. Continue on through the products until you find VEGAS PRO 8.0a (Build 179), click that. Now, you're going to have to click the PATCH button located at the bottom left of the keygen. Click, the file in which the trial was installed into. This should be under your Hard Drive, and the file Sony.

6. Once completed, click OK. The file should then be patching if done correctly.

7. Once the file is patched, click the button GENERATE 10-20 times.

8. Once you get the SERIAL and the ACTIVATION codes given in the middle of the keygen, it is recommended to copy and paste the codes to a notepad or a Microsoft Word document, or you can just leave the keygen open for the keys.

9. If you put a shortcut of Sony Vegas onto your desktop, just click there. If you did not put a shortcut on your desktop, go to your Sony Vegas folder, scroll all the way down, and you should see this icon named "vegas80" , click on that.

10. Click on that program, and advance on into the procedures. Note: When you are at the part when it gives you an option of REGISTERING FROM ANOTHER COMPUTER OR REGISTER ONLINE, Register from another computer. Once you get to the part where it asks for your SERIAL and ACTIVATION number/code, then put in the codes that you have either put onto a note sheet or if you have kept the keygen open from.

11. Fill out your information, (You don't have to enter Valid information if you don't want to, just type in your real Email address if you want upcoming news about the program, and you should have Vegas Pro 8.0 Full Version!

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